• Jenna Benton

5 Steps To Get Started

Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you start. Just get started!

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is just getting started. Here are 5 steps to help you get going on your first draft:

Identify. What will you write? Do you want to write a story about your own life? A fictional story? Do you want to write a 'how to' book? The first step is to identify what you want to write.

Outline. Write out a general outline of what your book will be. Some writers start at the end and work their way backwards. Some divide their book into three acts and outline each of them. However you decide to do it, it is helpful to have a general outline to follow. It will also help you see any gaps in your story or information.

Set goals. Setting a daily or a weekly word count goal is a great way to get started and see progress quickly.

Invite. Many writers find it helpful to begin building a community of readers before their first draft is even finished. This helps for a successful book launch and higher sales. It also can help keep you accountable to reach your word count goals. Consider starting a blog or building a following on social media to increase your exposure.

Focus. Don't worry about what your book cover will look like or how many times you will have to rewrite your draft. Don't let the excuses drag you down. Just start, and keep writing until you are done. Completing your first draft is your goal. Just keep writing, even if you are afraid or feeling insecure. Once your first draft is done, a whole new world will open up.

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