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The Freelance Life

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


The Freelance Life is about taking risks to find what works and what doesn't.

I honestly can't think of anything cooler than traveling and writing for a living. Is this real life?

Up, Up & Away

I remember dreaming about the day I would #travel and write. I pictured myself wandering the streets of a new city, with a faded writer's bag slung across my shoulder, stopping in a quirky cafe to scribble words in a worn out #journal. Sigh. Perfect.

Working Harder Than I've Ever Worked

Although some days might look like that, the reality is - most days look more like this.

Brutal Reality: old coffee cups, wrappers, scribbled notes, and a hundred open windows on my desktop.

The truth is, my days are long. I'm up early and some nights I stay up late. (I'm an early bird by nature, so I need you to be impressed right meow.) I sit waaaay too much. I don't stretch enough. I have to tell people NO a lot. I'm working harder than I've ever worked in my life.

I Am My Own Boss

Although the life of a freelance #writer can be exhausting, it's worth it. It's worth the financial risk. It's worth the loss of sleep. It's worth the frustration and hard work. It's worth it.

It's true, I can make my own schedule. But the thing is, at this early stage of my full-time #freelance career, I'm really hard on myself. I don't give myself many breaks. I push myself. I take on more work than I should. I make myself stay in my seat until I meet my #writinggoals. I have to. Because going back to work in a cubicle for someone else is no longer an option for me.

Connecting the dots vs. Collecting the dots

#sethgodin talks about this in one of his books and on his podcast, and it hits me right where I live. I can spend a crazy amount of time learning and prepping and studying and making sure I'm prepared to work. But until I actually put in the work, until I actually take the brave steps to call myself a writer and share my work with the world, I'm just collecting dots. I will never get where I want to be unless I connect the dots.

You don't have to full time freelance to share your story with the world.

Maybe you don't want to write full time. Maybe you're not in a place where it is even possible if you ARE dreaming about it. Here's the thing - you are still a WRITER. Your story matters. Write. We all need to hear from you. Whether you are a side-hustler, a hobbyist, or a full time go-getter, just put the words on the page. It doesn't matter when you're writing, it just matters that you are.

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